It is my pleasure to bring another Fundacity Inside Startups Interview with Jardson Araújo, founder of Briefer <<>&gt;. Briefer is a tool enabling the parties involved to collaborate on a creative project and store important information more efficiently, and easily.

How does Briefer help the start-up community?

Briefer is a mobile CRM, Customer Relationship Management, an application for drafting and designing creative briefings. With this service, we aim to maximize the ability to assist a seem-less collaboration in a creative project. We intend to help people work more collectively, in order to increase productivity and decrease the amount of misconceptions with briefings poorly designed by organizing, then storing the information.

Briefer thinks of a solution that could be applied to store important information for the project, so that this information could be accessed and used to help designers and clients during the development process of any startup.

Who is behind Briefer?



In addition to Briefer, I have two other projects in the concept phase focused on business and entertainment. I have participated in many interactive projects and e-commerce projects, including mobile applications focused on education and health. I developed sites about bands and entertainment, including projects for social companies.

About my team

briefer_team_member (1)

In 3 years I worked at 2 companies, in addition to the most recent project, Briefer. In one of the companies I worked with my partners Max, David, Gustavo, Manuel and Yuri, and the other with Geovani and Márcio. We developed interactive projects that worked to achieve our company’s goals.

What is the hardest part about the fundraising process and how could it be made easier?

Our project is in the bootstrapping phase. In this step, I believe the hardest part to attract investments is to let the right people know about this project and above all convey the vision and prospect of Briefer. We hope to attract smart money. Not just cash, but great ideas and advice. People that ask the right questions and make us think.

What is Briefer’s current fundraising status?

We are currently bootstrapping. We entered into several start-up competitions, such as the Start-Up Chile, FounderFuel, i / o Ventures and others in F6S and Angel List. We are also applying to Startup Chile through Younoodle.

What is the process for Briefer’s development?

We are completing the last stages of Briefer’s interface; then we will move to the stage of prototyping and testing within companies in real projects. After that, we will analyze the results and improve what is necessary to introduce them to other companies and professionals in order to arouse the interest for the tool. Only then when Briefer is tested and accepted positively by ideal investors, we will make the service publicly available.


briefer_video_demonstration5briefer_video_demonstration6 briefer_video_demonstration4briefer_video_demonstrationbriefer_video_demonstration707


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